CDX Rear Sprocket, 19T, Rohloff, Expedition

Artikelnummer: CDXR19ROSE-AM
Herstellernummer: CT1119RSSB

101,00 €

Produktinformationen "CDX Rear Sprocket, 19T, Rohloff, Expedition"
For Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14
Please note that the Bike-Frame has to be approved. Also you have to use a Snubber.
The Carrier for the Sprocket can be acquired directly from the Rohloff AG.
Artikelgruppe Hintere Riemenscheiben
Einsatzbereich City, MTB, Trekking / Gravel
System CDX:EXP
Aufnahme Rohloff
Riemenlinie 51,7mm/54,7mm
Zähnezahl 19
Material Cro-Mo Stahl
Farbe schwarz
Teilung 11mm